The Way to Cultivate Confidence

Confidence is what allows us to do our work even when we know critics might question it. It is what allows us to take risks with our shoulders back and our head held high. And it is what helps us decide to do the right thing, even when others are pressuring us otherwise. We’re more likely to take advice and accept leadership from a confident person.

We all feel shaky sometimes. In those moments, we can work to cultivate more self-assurance.

Confidence comes from knowing what you stand for, and the beliefs and values that drive your actions. When you feel wobbly about a decision, or worry too much about what others think, find your bearings by recalling what you stand for.

If you’re in the process of sorting out your beliefs and values, one useful exercise is to think about someone you really admire and consider to be a strong role model. Make a list of things you value about that person, and describe their key qualities. People we really admire can usually guide us towards our full potential. We have those parts of ourselves, and when we move towards them, we will naturally gain confidence.

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