“This must-read book teaches critical leadership skills through people stories that keep the pages turning. Readers can use this book to strengthen their self-knowledge and improve communication at work and in the rest of life.”

—Marshall Goldsmith, international bestselling author and editor of thirty-five books,
including What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and Triggers

“As she teaches self-reflection, Melissa helps her clients become more intentional as leaders. This book—and her engaging stories of coaching—shows readers how to do the same.”

—Tom Ennis, CEO at Amplify Snack Brands and SkinnyPop Popcorn

“This is a compelling book that furthers our understanding of our own internal barriers and how each of us can overcome them. Melissa’s vibrant storytelling ability keeps you turning the pages and deepens your self-awareness. She’s one of the best in the coaching business and will help you succeed.”

—Mark A. Finkelstein, former general counsel and executive vice president of
corporate development at Emeritus Corporation

“There’s something for everyone in How Do You Want to Show Up? Whether you’re a seasoned executive or a young professional looking to find your voice and place in an organization, this book provides thoughtful insights and lessons that can help anyone advance their career.”

—Michelle Rhee, former chancellor of the Washington, DC, public schools

“Incredibly compelling storytelling that marvelously brings each coaching case to life. Which example are you?”

—Brian O. Underhill, PhD, founder and CEO of CoachSource and author of Executive Coaching for
Results: The Definitive Guide to Developing Organizational Leaders

“Having had the opportunity to work directly with Melissa and experience positive results both personally and professionally, I know this book is a must-have for any professional looking to accelerate their career and impact their personal brand in a positive way.”

—Chief executive officer at a global wellness consulting company

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—Former vice president of marketing at a leading coffee retailer

“Whatever your leadership struggle—team dynamics, difficult conversations, advocating for yourself—this book shows how to overcome the problem by identifying and navigating your inner truths. Melissa has worked with our teams over the years and has led them through the conversations that are talked about in the book.”

—Ron Inman, executive vice president at Northwest Cascade and Honey Bucket

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—Distinguished program manager executive at a leading tech company in Seattle

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—Executive at a Fortune 50 company

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—Marty Diklich, president and CEO at AA Asphalting and former regional vice president at
Masco Corporation and Milgard Windows and Doors

“A captivating book about understanding our internal barriers and how to unstick them. Melissa’s coaching helped me understand my own leadership challenges and how to overcome them. Her book, How Do You Want to Show Up?, is a great new resource for executives and their employees.”

—Sherri Mason, IT program manager at a leading management consulting company

“Melissa is an incredibly insightful coach, able to hone in on opportunities for development needed to take your leadership to the next level.”

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“Melissa’s superb storytelling and incredible insight takes the reader on a powerful journey toward greater self-knowledge and what it means to be human. The wisdom infused throughout this book is relevant and hugely beneficial to any reader!”

—Suzi Skinner, MCC, author of Build Your Leader Identity

“A thoughtful and approachable book, How Do You Want to Show Up? addresses many of the foundational skill sets leaders require to be effective. The lessons around self-awareness, authenticity, accountability, presence, difficult conversations, and more are spot-on characteristics of the best leaders we know.”

—Michael Humphries, president at Waldron

“Melissa’s examples of executives’ challenges are relevant, while her solutions are practical and realistic.”

—Former executive and current board member at an independent review board