The Mantra of Bold Action

For most people it takes urgency to lead them to take a leap. I believe it helps to orient yourself toward bold action, rather than waiting for a situation that requires it. When we stay in inaction, that is our narrative. Taking action, even if it’s imperfect, will change your story. What would I do if I were bolder? If I could let go of some of my fears, how would I show up differently? See if you can turn the volume down on your inner critic long enough to take a bold step. It could be having an important conversation, or taking the first steps to launch a creative idea. A habit of action can help you create a new narrative for your career, for your business, for your life.

Once you’ve stepped forward:

  • Celebrate every win
  • Steady yourself if you get knocked down
  • Remind yourself of what you believe, and what you want to accomplish
  • Let bold action be a mantra

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