The Internal Compass That Guides Great Leadership

The Internal Compass That Guides Great Leadership

My coaching clients have a variety of goals: some are working on being more direct, and some are aiming to be more intentional with leadership. Sometimes a person is trying to get clear about what they really want in the future, and sometimes they are trying to gain skills to have more meaningful conversations right now.

There are many helpful tools for achieving these goals, but there’s one that is indispensable. And the good news is that this tool already exists inside of you. It’s your inner self: your desires, dreams, and values, what you truly think and want; it’s that inner voice that many of us ignore. It is what we sometimes refer to as your internal compass.

The term may sound a little ethereal, but the compass is actually sensible, a part of both who you were when you were born and also experiences you’ve had since then.

Everyone has a compass. It may feel rusty, or you may forget about it, but it’s always there. I’ve attached a PDF with some tools and methods to help if you can’t seem to get a good reading on your own compass. You can also use this information to elicit feedback from others or to help empower them.

How often do you use your internal compass?

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