How To Become a Leader of Self

You are a leader of others, and a leader of your business. Most of all, you are a leader of yourself. In every conversation, in every relationship, we are engaged with ourselves as well as the other person.

This is what makes self-knowledge so important. If you don’t know your sources of power, your stumbling blocks, your habits and your feelings in the moment, your leadership is likely to be on shaky ground.

One way to learn more about yourself at this moment is to slow down, and become attuned to what you are thinking and feeling right now. This is harder than it sounds. Search the web for breathing exercises, which can help in focusing the mind. Once you are breathing with some awareness, begin to pay attention to bodily sensations—warmth or coolness, achy spots. As you have thoughts or feelings, pay attention to those, too. Can you identify and name those thoughts and feelings? As you do so, you are becoming aware of who you are right now. What are you reacting to? What is preoccupying you? Don’t start by judging those things—just become more knowledgeable about who you are.

Leading from a place of self-knowledge is powerful.

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