A New Workbook for Leading With Self-Knowledge

As I wrote in the introduction to my first leadership book, “How Do You Want to Show Up? Find Your Inner Truths–and Lead with Them”, I have been curious from an early age about what makes a great leader. What I’ve learned is that effective leadership is more than an attitude or a natural ability. It’s a vocation that requires real intention, the strength to look inward and know oneself, and the willingness to show up with that knowledge as a leader.

My second book, the new How Do You Want to Show Up? Workbook, contains over 200 pages of my favorite coaching questions, prompts, tips and tools that have effectively helped leaders find their internal values and beliefs and bring them to the workplace–and the rest of life. Workbook pages leave blank space for brainstorming and reflection. The book can work alongside my first book, or all on its own.

What do you really believe? What do you truly want? What are you here to do?

Many of us start our careers with satisfying answers to these questions but stray off course. We stop finding time to revisit our goals. We stop asking the big questions.

No matter how talented we are, we can only work to our full abilities if we take the time to know ourselves. My hope is that this workbook can help readers enjoy finding out and recording their answers to those big questions.

This workbook can be ordered directly from local bookstores, or online at Amazon.com.

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